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Concrete Reps is an agency that was started in 2017 with  the idea of representing the  homegrown love of  New York City and its diversity. What started out as a podcast has turned into an outlet for creative design and promotion of resources for advancement.  While all places are not the same, in many ways  the city  can  show  you how important  character is  versus  skin color. From riding the train to walking a city block, you are bound to encounter people of different cultures and  backgrounds. We all  deserve the same  opportunity to live, be  free  and  pursue  happiness.  Concrete Reps stands for  diversity, collaboration, and progress of unifying   culture. We believe in supporting  causes  that share our  quest  for justice and  equality.   We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement in  the fight against  systemic racism & injustice anywhere. Our mission  is to spread social awareness and provide a platform for freedom of speech, artistic space, and resources for change. 

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